Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 JOSHUA TREE BLOOM 2/14/16

The spring of 2016 Joshua Tree bloom has begun. On February 14/2016
the best blooms where in the lower elevations. Joshua Tree Gateway (section 33) 
was the best location with a light cloud cover.
Being Joshua tree Bloom 
The bloom beings life well protected and ready for rapid growth.

Looking down on the bloom.
The valley floor green for a short time on the lower

Mojave Desert.

What to do in Joshua Tree? In late winter, early spring visit Joshua Tree
Gateway (section 33) and enjoy the blooms. Take the time
to look closely at each stage.
Joshua Tree Bloom 2/14/2016
Interesting fact: The Joshua tree bloom only opens at night.
Joshua Tree Bloom 2/14/16
UPDAT 2/23/16
Just to many blooms in and around Joshua Tree Gateway (Section 33).
The sunset with a few clouds have been fantastic.

Grab your gear and visit the Joshua Trees.
Enjoy and leave no Trace.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunrise on the Geology Tour Road

What to do in Joshua Tree National Park, take
a drive on the backcountry Geology Tour Road.
Pack a snack and take water.

Geology Road Tour JTNP
The vast open space of the Pinto Basin is breathtaking. The
Geology Road Tour  is a backcountry road with plenty of photo
Geology Tour Road
 The dirt road is maintain in parts and the loop
requires four-wheel drive.
Geology Tour Road

PLEASE stay on the road and leave no trace!
Note the tire tracks that take away from the beauty.

Joshua tree bloom 2016
Frist Joshua tree bloom found on 1/31/16.

Geology Road Tour Joshua Tree National Park

Taking the a drive before the storm.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Joshua Tree National Park has many road side pullouts
to choose from on your trip thru the park. Hall of
Horrors is a great stops!
The Hall of Horrors is a grouping of rock formations northwest
of Ryan Campground,

The area is full of boulders and plenty of climbing
routes for all skill levels.

Pick one of the many trails and go for adventure. Perfect spot
for lunch or snack while watching the climbers.

The views are awesome and the area is child friendly.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Manx Boulders area in Joshua Tree National Park offers some great
A trip to Joshua Tree is a great weekend getaway. 

I enjoy sunrise hikes in the park.

So many rock to photograph.

The trail is easy walking.

Always enjoy your visit and catch a sunrise in the park. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Rings Loop Trail

Hole-in- the -Wall area offers many hiking and walking trails.
A visit to the Mojave National Preserve with young children the Ring
Loop Trail is an awesome adventure.
Be prepared to see cattle on the tail. Dress for the high desert with
warm to hot clothes. 
The views will leave one speechless.
The Mojave Desert has so much to offer
and is worth the drive.
The wall are so interesting.
At lasted Banshee canyon is near!
Looking back in to Banshee Canyon. What a fun hike!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quail Springs Picnic Area

Quail Springs Picnic Area

Quail Springs Sunrise 1/11/16

Early morning sunrise

Located less than twenty minutes from Joshua Tree the picnic area
offers many chance for awesome sunrise and sunset pics.

Quail Springs Rock Piles

The rock piles offers the opportunity to climb on the boulders.
Quail Springs Picnic Area
Plenty spots for a good picnic after a hike at Wall Street Mill or

Climbing Rocks
Plenty of good climbing routes.

 Always enjoy the rock piles.
Take time to stop at Quail Spring Picnic Area!