Sunday, August 4, 2013

Desert View Conservation Area "Section Six"

Desert view Conservation Area 

photo opportunities’ around Joshua Tree CA…
The locals refer to the area as “Section Six”.
The best parking is just before the main Gate, Take
time to read the rules sign and enjoy your visit.

Grab your photo gear, water, phone and start walking.
 Please respect my backyard, stay on the main roads 
and the many miles of single track trails.

The single track trails are kid friendly, watch out for
the mountain bikers please give them the right away.
Their are plenty of rock piles to explore, climb and shoot.
As you adventure thru DVCA look for rock piles
with shapes. The rocks above has a bitter face and
one of the rocks below the face looks like a car
with the hood up.
Park at the top of Onaga Trail and walk east
to the northern  boundary of Joshua Tree National
Park. From the top of Onage Trail the jeep trail  
requires a four wheel drive vehicle. Section five is
BLM between  DVCA and JTNP.
Sunset hikes produce some awesome photos.

Sunrise hikes?

Create your own desert landscape print .  
Enjoy the sunrise or sunset your choice! When the
clouds are right, enjoy the many hiking loops.
The average single track trail loop is under 1 hour
to walk.
Mid day hike, watching the clouds on a beginner
single track trail. 
 Check out hiking Coyote Hole!