Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hiking in Coyote Hole

Hiking in Coyote Hole

Many ways to enter Lower Coyote hole, I prefer from the corner of  Alturas Dr. and Alta Loma Dr. Nice sandy wash, a prefect place for the kids to run, four years old plus. Lots rock to climb with parent close by! Please help in keeping the area clean by packing out all trash and sometimes helping others
Adventure in Coyote Hole.
After many years of evening hikes with friends and family I have come to enjoy some interesting facts.
The first few minutes the every one is in a somber mood. Then the first adventure is found. Some sort of cave in the sandstone or it may be a granite rock ready for climbing.   
A smooth granite rock in the wash floor can build confidence! Building the basic hiking skills, keep your feet flat on the rock surface. And then it is time to move on to bigger and better.
Climbing Rock
 Over the years we have found many rock formations with many nick names.
The Rat?
Yet each shape has a story be hide every new discover. Take a hike thru Coyote Hole and write your own story that is ingrained in the hart of others!  
Rock piles in the hole!

Clouds always offer the chance of a great photo!

Respect the pass and find what they left behind.

Lower Coyote Hole


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Spend one hour hiking in Upper Coyote hole. It is fun to start from Onaga Trail at the flood chanel or sandy wash. Go down stream and look around at how wide the channel is and taking time to look at the smooth granite rocks.
As the channel narrows in the granite rocks in bottom are polished by the fast moving grains of sand. I find it interesting, how the polished granite in upper Coyote Hole mirrors life. It is in those turbulent times that we are polished?
Great hike for young climbers! Rocks are slick!
Just before the drop in to lower Coyote Hole 



  1. A favorite place of mine a well. I like how close to town you are yet how quite it is in the canyon.

  2. Ive been here and I was amazed at the beauty of it.

  3. Thank you for writing this and taking the pictures. I used this location in my book, and may steer another scene its direction, now that I know it better :)Can't wait to visit it in person now!

  4. Just went today... It was a nice experience. A real beautiful hike.

  5. And, thanks for reminding people to pack out trash,

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