Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 JOSHUA TREE BLOOM 2/14/16

The spring of 2016 Joshua Tree bloom has begun. On February 14/2016
the best blooms where in the lower elevations. Joshua Tree Gateway (section 33) 
was the best location with a light cloud cover.
Being Joshua tree Bloom 
The bloom beings life well protected and ready for rapid growth.

Looking down on the bloom.
The valley floor green for a short time on the lower

Mojave Desert.

What to do in Joshua Tree? In late winter, early spring visit Joshua Tree
Gateway (section 33) and enjoy the blooms. Take the time
to look closely at each stage.
Joshua Tree Bloom 2/14/2016
Interesting fact: The Joshua tree bloom only opens at night.
Joshua Tree Bloom 2/14/16
UPDAT 2/23/16
Just to many blooms in and around Joshua Tree Gateway (Section 33).
The sunset with a few clouds have been fantastic.

Grab your gear and visit the Joshua Trees.
Enjoy and leave no Trace.