Sunday, September 22, 2013

Barker Dam Nature Trail 1.3 miles

1.3 Mile loop trail
Water in Barker Dam after the Monsoon rains.
Reflections on the water

An sunrise hike  in Joshua Tree National Park was so awesome! The trail was full of
wildlife and at waters edge you could easily fine the Red Spotted

Low water, but great reflects on a sunrise hike 1/10/2016.
Sunrise hike 7/26/15
A early morning hike after a rain storm.

Sunrise hike
Morning light on the trail.

Barker Dam

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Homestead Homes or Urban Decay?


In 1938 congress pasted the "Baby Homestead Act"
allowing five acres of homestead sites.
 Water is a major need on the desert.
Homestead Shack
Drive around the Mojave Desert and check out the shacks.

Urban Decay?
Urban Decay?

The One Hole.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Section "33" Sunset 
 A one to four mile evening walk in Section 33 is pure joy.

Section "33" Sunset 
Sunset Quail Springs
Section "33" Sunset 



Sunday, September 8, 2013


Rock Piles of Joshua Tree
The numerous rock piles of Joshua Tree National Park are
impressive to photograph.
Rock Piles Joshua Tree National Park, North
The North boundary area offers great single track trails hiking.
Photographing the rock piles is a great way to exercise.
Big fluffy storm clouds are best background.
Rock Piles Shapes,

 Walking in Desert View Conservation Area offers some
awesome  rock shapes.
Plan your visit to Joshua Tree. Grab the hiking
gear, water bottles and visit the trails.

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Take time to hike trail. Walking is good for hart.
Sunrise lighting makes shot.



Sunday, September 1, 2013

Storm Clouds on the Mojave Desert

The storm clouds over the Mojave desert produce
awesome photos!

Joshua Tree National Park

The rock piles of JTNP  mixed with sunrise
clouds. I have come to enjoy those early morning hikes
before sunrise with the trusted LED Headlamp. Plan a
day hike in JTNP and photograph a  Mojave Desert print.


Monsoon season on the Mojave Desert

Keep the Canon camera by your side at all times.
Mid day walk in section "6", good hiking shoes are
advisable. Water is a must have!  I recommend using
a camelback, always carry water. 
Due to the vastness of desert I love the dividing
lines. Look closely and see the line of rain.
Sunset over Section "33", visit the Morongo Basin. 
Monsoon in the Mojave desert.
Looking north from lower Coyote Hole

Monsoon Season