Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hiking in Coyote Hole

Hiking in Coyote Hole

Many ways to enter Lower Coyote hole, I prefer from the corner of  Alturas Dr. and Alta Loma Dr. Nice sandy wash, a prefect place for the kids to run, four years old plus. Lots rock to climb with parent close by! Please help in keeping the area clean by packing out all trash and sometimes helping others
Adventure in Coyote Hole.
After many years of evening hikes with friends and family I have come to enjoy some interesting facts.
The first few minutes the every one is in a somber mood. Then the first adventure is found. Some sort of cave in the sandstone or it may be a granite rock ready for climbing.   
A smooth granite rock in the wash floor can build confidence! Building the basic hiking skills, keep your feet flat on the rock surface. And then it is time to move on to bigger and better.
Climbing Rock
 Over the years we have found many rock formations with many nick names.
The Rat?
Yet each shape has a story be hide every new discover. Take a hike thru Coyote Hole and write your own story that is ingrained in the hart of others!  
Rock piles in the hole!

Clouds always offer the chance of a great photo!

Respect the pass and find what they left behind.

Lower Coyote Hole


What to do in Joshua Tree 

Spend one hour hiking in Upper Coyote hole. It is fun to start from Onaga Trail at the flood chanel or sandy wash. Go down stream and look around at how wide the channel is and taking time to look at the smooth granite rocks.
As the channel narrows in the granite rocks in bottom are polished by the fast moving grains of sand. I find it interesting, how the polished granite in upper Coyote Hole mirrors life. It is in those turbulent times that we are polished?
Great hike for young climbers! Rocks are slick!
Just before the drop in to lower Coyote Hole 


Saturday, August 16, 2014

The humble brings of the "PIG"

History of the Pig

Redneck science with the nephews is where the uncle acts like a little boy. The rocket stove, I have understood since my teen years in Idaho. This time it was leadership training for an earthquake and includes a rocket stove.
Take the time to learn how a rocket stove works, some day you may need the skill.
The boys made a rocket stove, boiled a large pot of water, and cooked hot dogs with dead dry mesquite wood found in the backyard.

Leaders need to protect family, friends and those who need help. Because of the earthquake we had no power or water and some foods needed to be cooked first and this stove would when working right sounds really cool. 


Pizza Oven?

I have always wanted a wood fired pizza oven and this project sounded like too much fun and YouTube was all too helpful. Clay, sand where all on site and easy to obtain. The only items purchase where the red clay bricks (I recommend the use of fire bricks).

Stomping in Mud.

Who doesn't like mud! The mixture was around one part clay and two and one half parts sand.
Add water and your good to go. I wished it was that easy.

One of the lessons learned the "clay is a Binder". A binder holds thing together.

Future Leader and Healer of Hearts hard at work. Mixing the clay takes the whole body! Just ask Mark, he rolled in the mud as a sign of his full deadacacation and pure pleasure.


Cob is the second layer and for the stove was a mixture of clay, sand, water, and straw. Mixing is no easy task and good old hard work is the best approach. Many hands make for easy, fun work with the bounus of lasting memories .
Mud balls work the best so sharpen your mud ball skills.

The stove survived the first few firing's. It's now time to cook the first pizza!!!

Mark the leader who rolled in the mud had the honor of the first pizza cooked in the oven.

I have tried many meals and desserts in the Pig. Peach cobbler is one of the best!

Sunday, August 10, 2014



 Peach Cobbler cooked in a the Cob oven.

Fired up the Cob oven up to cooking temperature this evening for wood-fired coked pizza. The PIG is hard at work keeping the house cool this summer and delivering some awesome meals.

Always enjoy a Saturday morning trip to Framer Market. Today it was all about fresh peaches, not any peach. Two pounds of supper sweat tree ripe peaches. And Rios Farm of Banning Heights, CA. 92220 had the best hands down.

Cooked in the Pig and shared nine way. Two boy's with big blue eyes help clean the pan. Easy to make: One cup flour, one cup sugar, one cup milk, one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon vanilla.
I pick up supplies for a few future meals this week. Can’t wait to try the Rocket cooker/kiln for kabobs.
Farmer Market is constantly an adventure where the vendors have time for relationships and conversation. Today, the very first vendor was necessary stop.

WOODSY WAYS owned and operated by Jennifer Goodman, has some awe-inspiring birdhouse and feeders.
A weekend visit to Joshua Tree CA. Should always include a trip to framer market.
Love the Woodsy Ways but I am enjoying working with clay.
Next week I will try the Mushrooms!



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Joshua Tree Clay Bird Feeders

Clay Bird Feeders

Raw Clay 

Formed from clay as found, found after monsoon rain as storm run off. Plain and simple clay bowl with reclaimed copper wire. Cost is $0.00, enjoyment is more than you have $$$,$$$.$$.
Adults use you big words like "Clay", Boy's use the cool words such as "Mud".
The truth is I play with Mud to make bird feeders as stress relief.

Wood fired Earthenware Clay

Mud as dug is attempted to be shaped in to a bowl. Ok! LOL!  I have been reminded of a great lesson. Share in the blessings of life!
The fowl of the air all take turns. A small hand full of wild bird seed before sunset is an interesting show. No one bird or group controls the feeder, they have some kind of order that just works.

Bright Colors

Some times a few bottles of bright colored paints are the right touch, to have fun. Now take, one more little step and make two wild and crazy bird feeders. One for yourself and one as a random act of kindness!
Put into practice the art of sharing. Many groups of birds take turns at the feeder, and it is not always peaceful. 

Blessing do come in handfuls

I enjoy feeders that are yard art, but do act as feeders.

Water is refreshing 

Baths a whole new project! First I must share the experience of building a bird feeder.

I shall posted the outcome!

Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Things to do in Joshua Tree, CA

1. Covington Flats to Eureka Point

Joshua Tree National Park, Covington Flats 

An 1 to 3 hour round trip dive Covington Flats to Eureka Point.

Direction: Begin the JTNP adventure at the intersection of Hwy 62 also know as Twentynine Palms Highway and La Contents Rd. Take La Contenta Rd south to the park.  The drive thru Covington Flats to Eureka Point  is an awesome trip.

2. Visit Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Door  Art

Noah Purifoy's Out Door Art Museum is a must see. In the fall and winter great mid-day trip. 

3. Photography Down town Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, CA.          

Stat your photo shooting at the west end of  Joshua Tree and go east. Enjoy the shopping adventure    
taking time to visit the enterers. Locate the hippy bus?      

4. Hike the Barker Dam loop trail.

Barker dam Joshua Tree National Park

Barker dam nature trail is a 1 to 3  hour easy walk. The trail is full of nature exhibits and child friendly.   .

5. Mountain Bike Desert View Conservation Area

Section "Six", Desert View Conservation Area 
Mountain biking, hiking and rock piles/shapes DVCA  has
something for everyone.   

Monday, August 4, 2014




Adobe oven

The first try at a wood fired clay oven. We have been blessed with many pizza shared with friends.
I highly recommend a thin crust, peanut butter, sliced bananas,  Bar-que  sauce and brown sugar. Ok laugh, but the number who ask for more would surprise you!

Fire in "THE PIG"

What a relaxing job. Cooking is hard work! It takes great skill to build "Fire".


Meatloaf cooked in the Pig always taste great!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


It's time to play "Name That Shape".

Many cool rock formation are found in the Mojave Desert.
Boot Rock, DVCA, Joshua Tree Ca.
Put on the hiking shoes and grab a water bottle and take a hike
in DVCA.
See how many shapes can you find in the rocks? I enjoy the simple game of
looking for the shapes. Don't forget the clouds.
Shoe Rock
The best location is simply put, time walking on the hiking trail. 

Who can name the Shape?

Slow down and stop to look around. JT (Joshua Tree CA. 92252 has so much investigate. Plan a action packed weekend with relaxing included. Sunrise and sunset with camera in hand, always ready to point and shoot.  
Joshua Tree National Park offers many walking trails.

Rock Shape No Name:)

The exercise from climbing on the rocks is awesome. Just play
the balance stepping stone game.
Sour Face Boulder Climbing in DVCA
So many photo locations with in 30 miles of
  Joshua Tree, CA...   

Joshua Tree National Park, Dinosaur Rocks

 The Clouds

Look at the proof!  

 How many shapes can you find? Just one, the  UFO over the trees.

Any day with a "Cannon" is a great day!

Then add  BIG CLOUDS. Start at sunrise, enjoy the golden hour at sunset with a night cap full of stars,

Help The Tree Is Following! 

Walk thru the trees and name the shapes. Hard right turn with a flower pot head.

Picture shot in my backyard. I have always like the clouds, but this picture I was hooked, again.. The wide open space of Joshua Tree, some days offer a great show.