Saturday, August 24, 2013

Morongo Basin Orchid Festival Oct. 5th and 6th

The Thirteenth Annual Morongo Basin Orchid Festival.

The festival is Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary
Clubs primary fundraising event hosted
by Gublers Orchids.
2012 Morongo Basin Orchid Festival

Bring the kids ages 6-15 for a free orchid class,
sign up now space is limited.
Lean from the Orchid Whisperer!

2012 Morongo Basin Orchid Festival
The fun is not just for kids! Gublers offers one
hour long class for adults, sing up.

2012 Morongo Basin Orchid Festival
Bring family, friends and support the local charity's. 
Love the colors and shapes. 

Don't forget the camera.

The Morongo Basin offers three major events in


Directions to Gublers,

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rusty Metal Fine Art

The Mojave Desert has several  rusty metal assemblage artists. 
On your next visit take time and look for the rusty metal art.
Joshua Tree artist Garron Sarvas creates
assemblage artwork from metal found
in the Mojave desert.
It's The Right Time by Garron Sarvas
Check out the faces in each piece. Purchase a rusty
 mental print today!

The artwork is best viewed in person! Contact the
artist, Garron Sarvas 412-225-8445 and make
arrangements  to view his latest piece.
Don't miss the HWY 62 Art Tours!
Take time to Relax in Joshua Tree!
In The Grove by Garron Sarvas 
 Bad Dave

Trash Mouth

Tool Box Sam
Joshua Tree a gateway community.
Please follow!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chasing the Joshua Tree Bloom, Spring 2013


Spring 2013

The bloom chase began at the corner of Hwy 62  
 and La Contenta Rd in Yucca Valley, CA. and
went north to Eureka Point.  Section 33 offers limited
hiking trails, and lots of desert landscape photos.
Start of the Joshua tree bloom.
 The Covington Flats drainage system is worth
scouting out  for a golden hour shot. The big trees
located closer to Eureka Point in Joshua Tree
National Park (JTNP),
Joshua tree bloom, spring 2013
The blooms have a short life,
Are We Ready?
The hardest part, is the wait! 

Make plans to visit JTNP and build a
art collection of Mojave desert prints.  

How many pieces of joshua tree art do you have?
Make plans to chase the Joshua tree bloom.

Visit the Mojave Desert!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spend a weekend in Octoeber at 1 of 3 weekend events

Joshua Tree Music Festival

Make plans now to visit the Joshua Tree Music Festival
 October 11-13, 2013.  

Joshua Tree has many vacation rentals, do
the research and have a fun filled stay!



Hwy 62 Art Tours, October 19-20 and 26-27, 2013

offers two fun filled weekend getaways, and 120+ participating
artists. Last year Noah Purifoy's Out Door Art Museum
was my favorite, I enjoyed it with my mother.

Mark the dates on your calendar and Visit
Joshua Tree, California for a weekend getaway!

Morongo Basin Orchid festival

The thirteenth annual Morongo Basin Orchid Festival 
Oct 5th and 6th
Spend a day at Gublers Orchids and enjoy free
greenhouse tours, orchid classes, music, food
and Beverages. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

1 to 3 hour round trip drive Covington Flats

Awesome views, relaxing drive, dinner and a sunset at Covington Flats
Covington Flats, Joshua Tress
 Lots of Joshua Trees. If relaxing is not your thing!
Grab the mountain bike for some dirt road riding.
Covington has many locations for to create
dirt road art!
The area offers many hiking trails so grab the water
and gear. No matter what your taste is Covington
Flats has something for everyone! 

Take the time to study and enjoy all the
joshua trees.

Over the last few months I have enjoyed collecting

May your adventure be truly blessed!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Desert View Conservation Area "Section Six"

Desert view Conservation Area 

photo opportunities’ around Joshua Tree CA…
The locals refer to the area as “Section Six”.
The best parking is just before the main Gate, Take
time to read the rules sign and enjoy your visit.

Grab your photo gear, water, phone and start walking.
 Please respect my backyard, stay on the main roads 
and the many miles of single track trails.

The single track trails are kid friendly, watch out for
the mountain bikers please give them the right away.
Their are plenty of rock piles to explore, climb and shoot.
As you adventure thru DVCA look for rock piles
with shapes. The rocks above has a bitter face and
one of the rocks below the face looks like a car
with the hood up.
Park at the top of Onaga Trail and walk east
to the northern  boundary of Joshua Tree National
Park. From the top of Onage Trail the jeep trail  
requires a four wheel drive vehicle. Section five is
BLM between  DVCA and JTNP.
Sunset hikes produce some awesome photos.

Sunrise hikes?

Create your own desert landscape print .  
Enjoy the sunrise or sunset your choice! When the
clouds are right, enjoy the many hiking loops.
The average single track trail loop is under 1 hour
to walk.
Mid day hike, watching the clouds on a beginner
single track trail. 
 Check out hiking Coyote Hole!