Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rusty Metal Fine Art

The Mojave Desert has several  rusty metal assemblage artists. 
On your next visit take time and look for the rusty metal art.
Joshua Tree artist Garron Sarvas creates
assemblage artwork from metal found
in the Mojave desert.
It's The Right Time by Garron Sarvas
Check out the faces in each piece. Purchase a rusty
 mental print today!

The artwork is best viewed in person! Contact the
artist, Garron Sarvas 412-225-8445 and make
arrangements  to view his latest piece.
Don't miss the HWY 62 Art Tours!
Take time to Relax in Joshua Tree!
In The Grove by Garron Sarvas 
 Bad Dave

Trash Mouth

Tool Box Sam
Joshua Tree a gateway community.
Please follow!

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