Thursday, July 31, 2014


It's time to play "Name That Shape".

Many cool rock formation are found in the Mojave Desert.
Boot Rock, DVCA, Joshua Tree Ca.
Put on the hiking shoes and grab a water bottle and take a hike
in DVCA.
See how many shapes can you find in the rocks? I enjoy the simple game of
looking for the shapes. Don't forget the clouds.
Shoe Rock
The best location is simply put, time walking on the hiking trail. 

Who can name the Shape?

Slow down and stop to look around. JT (Joshua Tree CA. 92252 has so much investigate. Plan a action packed weekend with relaxing included. Sunrise and sunset with camera in hand, always ready to point and shoot.  
Joshua Tree National Park offers many walking trails.

Rock Shape No Name:)

The exercise from climbing on the rocks is awesome. Just play
the balance stepping stone game.
Sour Face Boulder Climbing in DVCA
So many photo locations with in 30 miles of
  Joshua Tree, CA...   

Joshua Tree National Park, Dinosaur Rocks

 The Clouds

Look at the proof!  

 How many shapes can you find? Just one, the  UFO over the trees.

Any day with a "Cannon" is a great day!

Then add  BIG CLOUDS. Start at sunrise, enjoy the golden hour at sunset with a night cap full of stars,

Help The Tree Is Following! 

Walk thru the trees and name the shapes. Hard right turn with a flower pot head.

Picture shot in my backyard. I have always like the clouds, but this picture I was hooked, again.. The wide open space of Joshua Tree, some days offer a great show.

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